Dreams and Dogs

just one dog, actually, but that doesn't sound as good

The next morning, the party of four sets off from Lothering with Sebastian and Fiona, and have an uneventful day of travel. The next day, they encounter darkspawn on the Imperial Highway. It is a tough battle, especially for Kaaras, who is nearly killed before finally getting his wits about him and remembering how to cast an offensive spell. The four of them do finally kill the darkspawn and continue northward. Shortly thereafter they spot an injured Mabari warhound on the road. They heal him as much as possible and he joins Fiona in the wagon. She names him Petals.

That night, three of the four adventurers have pleasant dreams from which it is difficult to awaken, though they do not discuss them. On the road the next day, they are approached by a bereskarn, though they are able to put it out of its misery before it harms them.


I’m pretty dang sure I know what those dreams were all about but Rachel won’t confirm. But I’m pretty sure I’m right.

Dreams and Dogs

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