Kaaras Adaar

a Vashoth wanderer


Level: 3
XP: 5,050
Background: Vashoth
Class: Apostate Mage
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Height: 6’11"
Appearance: Grey skin, slightly metallic; curved horns; of a slighter build than most of his kind. Tends to wear a hat with a wide, slightly floppy, brim.


1. Move forward
2. Do the right thing
3. Don’t talk when you can act

Short Term
1. To live according to his tenets
2. To learn about the world and its people

Long Term
To figure out his place in the world

Kaaras starts out with good intentions, but doesn’t know how to put them into action. In time, he becomes a man of action. During this part of his life, Kaaras goes from a slightly bookish wanderer to the war-mage in a group of Tal-Vashoth mercenaries.

Talan Adaar – Before escaping the Qun, Kaaras’s mother was Hissad, a Ben-Hassrath spy. A large part of her face and body is marked by burn scars, about which she does not speak. After becoming Tal-Vashoth, she adopted the name Talan, meaning “truth”. Both she and her husband took as their surname Adaar, a type of ship-mounted cannon.

Karasaad Adaar – Kaaras’s father. “Karasaad” is the rank designation of the Qunari melee warriors, with whom he served before leaving the Qun. He and Talan tell the story that they left the Qun to pursue their love, which was forbidden.

Saarebas Aqun – Kaaras’s magic tutor and mentor, a Tal-Vashoth mage with the rare distinction of being alive and having his tongue intact. He goes by his adopted surname Aqun, meaning “balance”. In his heart, Aqun loves the Qun, but finds its treatment of mages unconscionable. He is Kaaras’s only link to the Qun, as his parents refuse to speak of it. In deference to their wishes, Aqun tries not to tell Kaaras too much about the Qun. Still, Aqun teaches more than magic—he teaches Karaas the three tenets that will shape and guide him for the rest of his life.

How and why Talan and Karasaad left the Qun is unknown, but given her previous rank and their unfaltering reticence on the subject, it is likely that there was more at play than just a forbidden romance. Particularly astute observers might suspect a connection between Talan’s scars and the Adaars’ chosen surname, which literally translated means “Fire Thrower”.

Kaaras Adaar

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